How can we help with your audio-visual needs?

Pro Sound and Video


We have a wide range of solutions for sound and video needs for your church, school, hospital, or business.   From full range sound to projectors, screens, and televisions...We do it all.

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Home Sound and Video


Are you looking for amazing sound and video while you're at home, or a Bluetooth mobile speaker to take with you when you go?  We've got what you need.

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Acoustic Treatment Solutions


Is it time to fix your ambient and echoing space?  We have multiple solutions for spaces ranging from gymnasiums to conference rooms.  We can also do sound masking for your space.

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Cellphone Boosters


We live in a time where we rely on our cellphones for business and for personal use, and if your signal isn't strong enough, we can help.

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Central Vacuum Systems


A VACUFLO system can be installed in most any home, regardless of its size or design.  The resulting cleaning process is efficient, powerful, and proven effective.

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Whether you're looking for a simple speaker and a wireless microphone, or full conference sound and video system and people to run it, you can find it here.

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