Acoustic Treament and Solutions

Acoustic Treatment and Solutions

This page is about acoustic solutions for when you can't understand something you should, or when you can understand something you shouldn't.  Read more below or give us a call.

Acoustic Treatment

Some rooms like gymnasiums and large sanctuary spaces can be so ambient that you can not understand someone talking, even though you can hear that they are talking.  This is often caused by sound reflecting off the floor, walls, and ceilings.  While this can be really bad in large rooms it can also be very detrimental in smaller rooms such as conference rooms and classrooms.

Adding wall and ceiling treatment can make incredible differences.  It can help voice intelligibility jump up exponentially.  Treatment also helps immensely in rooms where you are doing recording or videos, to take away some echo and give you a much more clear sound.

If you look at the pictures above you can see that acoustic treatment can come in many shapes and forms, whether it is wall panels like in the conference room and yellow gym, or hanging panels from the ceiling like the red gym.

Sound Masking

Sound masking is different than acoustic treatment.  Acoustic treatment gets rid of echoes which make speech hard to understand and sound masking breaks up the intelligibility of the voice between spaces.  This is useful for open office situations, clinical/patient rooms, private conference rooms, and other spaces.  By breaking up the intelligible voice range, it protects privacy, reduces distractions due to noise, and it helps with workplace productivity.

While sound masking doesn't eradicate the sound, it does make it harder to understand to help others from getting distracted.

Sound masking is something much less seen.  There are small speakers distributed throughout the room and sometimes can even be installed above the ceiling.

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