Vacuflo Central Vacuum Systems


VACUFLO Central Vacuum Systems are a great choice for new and existing homes and it improves indoor air quality!

Dust is everywhere.  House dust is even present in clean homes.  The average U.S. home collects 40 pounds of dust each year.  That's the equivalent to 2535 vacuum cleaner bags a year.

With up to five times the airflow, suction and power of uprights, VACUFLO Built-in Central Vacuum Systems captures 100% of all vacuumed dirt, dust odors, and allergens. After vacuuming with most uprights, it's typical to smell odors and see dust particles reflected in the sunlight due to clogged filters and HEPA Filters.  The cyclonic power of VACUFLO eliminates these odors and dust particles, leaving a cleaner home with cleaner air.

A VACUFLO System can be installed in most any home, regardless of its size or design.  The resulting cleaning process is efficient, powerful, and proven effective.  VACUFLO simply transports all vacuumed dirt and dust particles through a network of in-wall tubing directly to the power unit for cyclonic separations and elimination.


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