Professional Sound and Video Installations


Professional Sound and Video

Sound Systems, Projectors and Screens, Televisions, Cameras, Recording, Acoustic Treatment, Equipment Rentals... 

We do it all!

Churches, Schools, Gymnasiums, Theaters, Banks, Restaurants, Commercial Buildings, Medical Centers, and Businesses... From designs to installations, to final evaluation and demonstration of installed sound and video systems, we are involved with the entire process of the project from start to finish. Even after the project is finished, we are here to aid you in any way if the need arises.

BOSE MODELING SOFTWARE  -- The Difference Maker

Bose® Modeling Software recreate rooms and venues in a computer program making it possible to accurately predict how any sound system will peform in coverage and intelligibility as well as decibel levels.  This allows us to make guarentees on how well a system will perform making your decision more informed and simpler.


All designs are created with the customer in mind, making sure they fit the needs of the user.  From the simplest control to the most sophisticated, we work with our customers and provide training as well. 

We also provide sales and service of school bell and intercom systems.

Mobile Sound Systems

Mobile Bose® PA Systems

L1 Compact


With a wide dispersion, and a microphone and instrument input, this is a great sound system for a single performer.

L1 1S


The next step up in the L1 family, the L1 1S has a very wide dispersion as well.  The tower contains 12 small speakers.  The 1S has is compatible with the ToneMatch mixer.

L1 Model 2


The top of the L1 line is the L1 Model 2.  With all the capabilities of the 1S, it has 24 speakers throughout the tower to throw sound out horizontally to avoid reflections off the ceiling and floor.  

F1 812


The Bose® F1 812 is a full range speaker with a 10' woofer and 8 drivers.  It models arrays and allows one to adjust it into multiple configurations to perform best for any venue.

F1 Subwoofer


The F1 Subwoofer is a fantastic complement to the F1 812.  The F1 Subwoofer adds extended low end to warm up all instruments or give you the impact you're after.

S1 Pro


A small, smart, Bluetooth speaker with two ToneMatch EQ capable XLR/Instrument combo inputs.  Great for monitors, solo performers, or just tailgating!

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