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Discover the potential of your home music systems with Bose® . From Home Theaters to Soundbars, to Home Wide speakers you will find Bose® technologies makes all the difference.

Listed below are some of the most popular choices, and if you're looking for something else, let us know.

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Home Speakers

SoundTouch 10


Great sound out of a small package, you can always find a space for this speaker.  And with SoundTouch, you can control this from your phone, tablet, or computer.

SoundTouch 20


Larger package and bigger sound, this speaker is ready to play individually or along with other SoundTouch devices.

SoundTouch 30


The biggest speaker of the SoundTouch family, the SoundTouch 30 has the power to fill the biggest rooms in your house with sound, and still easy to control with the SoundTouch app.

SoundTouch Wave Radio


Bose® Wave® radio has set a standard for music players, and this one takes it even higher.  With CD, Radio, Bluetooth, and SouchTouch, this speaker really has it all.

SouchTouch SA5 Amp


Connect to nearly any passive speaker, then control it wirelessly over WiFi® with the SoundTouch App.

SoundTouch Wireless Link


Do you already have a speaker or sound system without SoundTouch but want to be able to combine it with your other SoundTouch speakers?  Here's your soloution!

SoundTouch 300 Soundbar


A fantastic stand alone soundbar, but if you want more you can add a subwoofer(shown in picture) and surround speakers.  SoundTouch compatible.

LifeStyle 600 System


Sleek design and incredible sound.  The LifeStyle 600 System uses Jewel Cube speakers for a blend of direct and reflected sound for an exciting experience.  SoundTouch compatible.

LifeStyle 650 System


The same sleek and incredible design as the LifeStyle 600, but with more powerful OmniJewel speakers for a more spacious sound.  SoundTouch Compatible.

791 In-ceiling Speakers


Virtually Invisible® speakers with incredible full range sound.  The best Bose® in-ceiling speaker that won't let you down.

251 Outdoor Speakers


With very wide dispersion, and full range capabilities, the 251's are the best Bose® wall mounted outdoor speakers.

51 Outdoor Speakers


These 360 degree speakers are incredible for placement in the yard or on your deck.  Made to stand up to whatever the outdoors throws at it.

Bose Home Speaker 500


Large, room filling stereo sound, with Amazon Alexa built in.

Bose Soundbar 500


Ultra thin soundbar with ultra big sound.  Amazon Alexa built in.

Bose Soundbar 700


Designed to be the worlds best soundbar!  Amazon Alexa built in.

Home Theater Lifestyle 650

Beauty’s in the eye—and ear—of the beholder. So Bose® designed the Lifestyle 650 home entertainment system to be beautiful in every way. Acoustics. Aesthetics. Craftsmanship. Simplicity. For your movies and music, it’s the most uncompromising 5-speaker home theater system they’ve ever made.  
With the Lifestyle 650 system, Bose® put a lot of thought into taking the thinking out. Sure, there’s the premium home theater performance that you’ll love for movies, TV and sports. But when it comes to enjoying your music, you can listen whichever way you want, without worrying about which technology is best. This system features SoundTouch, which lets you play music through your Wi-Fi network for instant in-home listening. Or listen directly from a phone or tablet using a Bluetooth connection.  

  • Dynamic surround sound, guided setup and simplified use with easy-to-follow onscreen messages
  • Wireless Acoustimass® module delivers powerful low-note performance
  • Easily connect and control up to 6 of your HD video and music sources, with video upscaling to 1080p, as well as Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi® 
  • Wirelessly stream your favorite music—Internet radio, your music library and services like Pandora®, Deezer, Spotify® and iHeartRadio™ through the SoundTouch app
  • Customizes its sound to fit your room for a consistent, high-quality performance
  • Choose your redesigned speakers: the trusty Jewel Cube speakers or the all-new, smaller OmniJewel speakers with bigger, better, 360 degree sound.

Looking for the latest and greatest in HDTVs so you can watch the big game right at home in your living room?   

SoundTouch or SoundLink?

Check out SoundTouch speakers above and SoundLink speakers below.

Looking mobile speakers? See below!

Mobile Speakers

SoundLink Micro


A small waterproof Bluetooth speaker with a silicone rubber exterior and a sturdy strap to keep your music with you wherever you are.

SoundLink Color


A tough, water-resistant speaker ready to go with you wherever you go.

SoundLink Revolve


360 degrees of sound in a wireless, waterproof package.  If the standard Revolve isn't enough, the Revolve+ can provide more.

SoundWear Companion


Looking for a more personal option?  This option allows you to hear the outside world while still being fully immersed in your music.

S1 Pro


This speaker isn't just for casual listeners.  With one Bluetooth channel, and two XLR/Instrument inputs with built in reverb, this is great for musicians too!

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